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This field can be seen by: Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before using any of our services. These Terms of Service are applicable to all users of our services as well as visitors on our website. If you decide to cancel your order before we assign a writer to work on it, you can book other assignment of the same value, free of cost.

However, if a writer has already been assigned then you will have to continue with the order. This is because the writer who starts with your assignment should receive compensation for the work.

If you notice that you were charged twice and you received two receipts from the payment processing system i. Forward both receipts to our email and the extra payment will be refunded in full within the shortest possible time. We always do our best to assign the most appropriate writer to work on your paper; however, it is still possible that on rare occasions, the writer is not found. Please make sure all paper details and additional materials are provided while placing the order.

If due to some other reason the first version of a paper is delivered after the original deadline, we will increase the quality so that the late submission penalty does not affect the overall grade. The percent satisfaction policy ensures that we will keep reworking on the assignment changes till you are happy and till it is as per the initial set of work requirements. However, it must be done within one month 31 days of time frame. We will not entertain any rework after more than 1 month from assignment given date.

Also, there is no refund in such cases. However, the authentic fail proof needs to be provided within one month 31 days after assignment completion. Any request after this time period will not be entertained.

However, to ensure the quality of the assignment, we will fire that writer from our company. There is no cash refund policy except clause no. If your claim does not fall under the above given categories then it will not be considered as valid and there will be no refund.

Account Details Username required. Choose a Password required. Profile Details Name required This field can be seen by: Everyone Change Who can see this field? Once you take the test, you will receive a detailed exam report complete with your personal statistics and even specific lessons to focus on!

Take the practice test now. Your detailed study guide will include:. Answers and detailed explanations to each question Video lessons to explain complicated concepts. See practice tests for:. Like this course Share. Browse Browse by subject. Email us if you want to cancel for any reason.

Start your FREE trial. What best describes you? Choose one Student Teacher Parent Tutor. Your goal is required. Email Email is required. Email is not a valid email. Email already in use. Cancel before and your credit card will not be charged. Your Cart is Empty. Please Choose a Product. Lesson 1 - The Metric System: Lesson 2 - Unit Conversion and Dimensional Analysis.

Lesson 3 - Significant Figures and Scientific Notation. Lesson 4 - Chemistry Lab Equipment: Lesson 5 - Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties. Lesson 7 - Chromatography, Distillation and Filtration: Methods of Separating Mixtures.

Lesson 8 - Physical Change: Lesson 9 - Retention Factor in Chromatography: Lesson 10 - Solute Concentration: Lesson 11 - What Is Distillation? Lesson 12 - Antoine Lavoisier: Lesson 13 - Antoine Lavoisier: Lesson 1 - Atomic Number and Mass Number.

Lesson 2 - Early Atomic Theory: Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford and Millikan. Lesson 3 - Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass. Using the Mole to Count Atoms. Lesson 6 - Four Quantum Numbers: Lesson 8 - Niels Bohr: Lesson 9 - Who Was John Dalton? Lesson 1 - The Periodic Table: Properties of Groups and Periods.

Lesson 3 - Atomic and Ionic Radii: Lesson 4 - Ionization Energy: Lesson 5 - Electronegativity: Lesson 7 - Transition Metals vs. Lesson 8 - Metalloid Elements on the Periodic Table: Lesson 9 - Thallium: Lesson 3 - Half-life: Applications of Nuclear Chemistry.

Lesson 6 - Actinides: Lesson 2 - Ions: Predicting Formation, Charge, and Formulas of Ions. Lesson 3 - Ionic Compounds: Formation, Lattice Energy and Properties. Lesson 4 - Naming Ionic Compounds: Lesson 5 - Writing Ionic Compound Formulas: Lesson 6 - Covalent Compounds: Lesson 7 - Lewis Structures: Lesson 8 - Lewis Dot Structures: Lesson 9 - Lewis Dot Structures: Lesson 10 - Covalent Bonds: Predicting Bond Polarity and Ionic Character.

Lesson 15 - Molecular Orbital Theory: Lesson 16 - Metallic Bonding: Lesson 18 - Organic Molecules: Alkanes, Alkenes, Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Isomers. Lesson 19 - Functional Groups in Organic Molecules. Lesson 20 - Polar Molecule: Lesson 21 - Alkynes: Lesson 22 - Cycloalkanes: Lesson 23 - HClO: Lesson 24 - Hydronium Ion: Lesson 25 - Rules for Naming Ionic Compounds.

Lesson 1 - The Kinetic Molecular Theory: Properties of Solids and Liquids. Lesson 2 - Phase Diagrams: Lesson 3 - Phase Changes and Heating Curves. Lesson 4 - Crystal Structures and the Unit Cell. Lesson 5 - Crystalline Structure: Lesson 2 - Pressure: Definition, Units, and Conversions.

Lesson 3 - Temperature Units: Converting Between Kelvins and Celsius. Lesson 5 - The Boltzmann Distribution: Temperature and Kinetic Energy of Gases. Lesson 6 - Diffusion and Effusion: Lesson 7 - Molar Volume: Gas Pressure and Volume Relationship. Gas Volume and Temperature Relationship. Gas Pressure and Temperature Relationship.

Lesson 12 - Using the Ideal Gas Law: Lesson 13 - Real Gases: Deviation From the Ideal Gas Laws. Lesson 14 - Real Gases: Using the Van der Waals Equation. Lesson 15 - Aneroid Barometer: Lesson 1 - The Rate of Dissolution: Lesson 2 - Solutions, Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes. Lesson 3 - Solubility and Solubility Curves. Lesson 4 - Calculating Molarity and Molality Concentration. Lesson 5 - Calculating Dilution of Solutions.

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The FIRST TYPE of websites are homework assistance websites such as Chegg, Khan Academy, EdX, MIT OCW where students can take self-paced help from online learning based course material and learn concepts in which they feel stuck.

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Get help math help, find interesting facts, learn about choosing a college, and more on this site. Find links to information organized by subject as well as information about online college, student health insurance, and student credit cards.

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May 06,  · Course Hero Homework & academic site; Homework & academic site; Lynn O'Shaughnessy is author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller, and she also writes her own college blog at The College Solution. Plagiarism image by Max Wolfe. CC By registering or using the services of Full Grade, you affirm that you will use information provided by the Professional Experts for study purpose only and that you will not submit this information as original student work for course credit or grade.