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Homework Help With Macbeth

Famous Quotes from Macbeth

❶The appearance of dead children symbolize the end of royal lineage and what happens when royal lines are extinguished. Double spacing single spaced order is available We do not keep a database of the papers!

homework help with macbeth

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There is a special offer for our customers! The apparition of a bloody baby comes out of the cauldron and prophesies to Macbeth. The fact that Macbeth is willing to murder children to retain his power indicates just how irredeemable he has become. The appearance of dead children symbolize the end of royal lineage and what happens when royal lines are extinguished. One of the kings is holding two orbs and is a symbolic representation of King James I who held two orbs on his coronation day and who was also a descendant of the real life Banquo.

The Equivocator at the Gate and equivocation in general is an allusion to Jesuit Henry Garnett who counseled Catholics to give equivocations in all their answers to Protestant inquisitors.

Equivocation in Macbeth symbolizes self deception. There are several possible meanings to this quote. If Macbeth is saying that sound will spoil the mood, then that is an example of metatheatre, which in a way, takes away from the gruesome details of the murder, as it somewhat breaks the forth wall and remind the listeners that Macbeth is only a character in a play.

This quote contains apostrophe, as Macbeth is talking to an inanimate object, and personification. This quote is said by Macbeth to Lady Macbeth. Macbeth had just killed Duncan, and he and Lady Macbeth are discussing what he had done. Macbeth is horrified and imagines voices that speak of his evildoings. Macbeth will not sleep anymore.

Later, Macbeth refers to himself using his three names, which could symbolize the three stages of his prophesy and his development. Therefore, Glamis could symbolize his past self, which he was before he killed Duncan, Cawdor could symbolize his current self, which is who killed Duncan, and Macbeth could refer to his future self.

This follows the motif of three, as there were three witches and Hecate was commonly portrayed with three faces. He feels very guilty, worried, and paranoid, so much as that he believes he will never be able to sleep again. His sleep will disappear along with his innocence, as sleep is depicted as innocent and good. The witches punish people with lack of sleep, such as when they punished the sailor whose wife was mean with a lack of sleep.

This quote contains many metaphors.

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May 17,  · Best Answer: macbeth doesnt want to kill duncan because duncan was always good to him and never did anything wrong with him. he is pursuaded to kill duncan by his wife. she tells him that if he kills duncan, he will become king and they will have great Resolved.

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Say these Macbeth quotes and everyone will think you're smart (or really weird). Say them with an English accent and the ladies will swoon. Use them in a class discussion and your teacher will brag to her colleagues about how well she taught you. A takeaway menu for Shakespeare's Macbeth aimed at KS4. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions.5/5(1).

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Aug 28,  · “Thou sure and firm-set earth, / Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear / Thy very stones prate of my whereabouts / And take the present horror from the time, / . Macbeth: Homework Questions help establish the mood. 2. List specific information this scene hints of regarding: setting, potential conflicts, development of themes, and characterization. After Macbeth kills Duncan, he tells Lady Macbeth that he heard a voice saying.